3 Ways All Parents Should React To Problems At Preschool

When you are a parent to a preschool-aged child, you want to know that your child is thriving when you leave them at school. However, there may be some times when you become concerned about things going on at school. You may be unhappy with how your child was disciplined in a way you feel was inappropriate. You may have issues with the curriculum if your child is having trouble grasping some of the concepts.

Patience Is A Virtue...Unless You're Two: How To Teach Patience To Your Toddler Before They Enter Preschool

If there is one thing that all toddlers have in common it's impatience. Though it is normal for your toddler to get antsy while waiting in line, you want to nip it in the bub before your child starts preschool. If your child does not learn how to be patient before they enter preschool it will make it harder to learn and harder for their teacher to teach. Below are simple and fun steps to take to teach this virtue to your child before they embark on their educational journey.

Four Tips For Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety On Their First Day Of Daycare

In many families, both parents are required to work in order to bring enough income in to pay the bills. This means that many kids are placed in a child care facility. In fact, about a quarter of kids under the age of 5 receive child care from someone other than a parent. Fortunately, the longer your child attends a daycare, the more routine and easier on everyone the process becomes. The first day of child care can be a major transition on the family.

Starting And Managing An In-Home Daycare: Items That Can Really Help You

If you have decided to become a stay-at-home parent and operate an in-home daycare, that is a pretty big decision. It is not quite as easy as you might think, especially given the licensing fees, licensing process, insurance and added expenses of food and cleaning supplies. However, it can also be very rewarding since you are available to help your children with their needs in the evening. If you want to make the whole business operate smoother and easier, here are some items that can really help you get started and keep organized.